Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whata Weekend!

Last Saturday my mom came to visit and to help celebrate Makaila and Katelyn's birthday's. We did a joint party because their dates are so close together. The party was fun - there were only six screaming girls, OK maybe they didn't scream the whole time, but they were LOUD! Instead of doing a goodie bag, we opted for the girl's to make beaded bracelets that they could take home...they were all super excited for about 2.1 minutes and then decided that playing would be more fun! Needless to say all of us moms were gathered around the table making bracelets LOL! Oh well, maybe next year...

So anytime my mom comes you can almost guarantee that she will bring some really fun stuff with her...not only for her granddaughter's but for me as well!!!! I L.O.V.E. this!!!!

How cool is this old bread box!!!

She got this at a thrift shop...I can just imagine the possibilities!!!

A beautiful tray full of some of my favorite things...those pumpkins will make great stew/soup bowls!!!

Thanks mom for coming to visit and for all of the wonderful things that you brought with you!! (P.S. I hope that Hubba Hubba didn't make too big of a mess in your house!!!! LOL!!!!)


  1. Awesome, awesome stuff!! Love it...

  2. I love the bread box! My MIL is the one who usually brings me good stuff.