Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It came back....

So this morning I decided to try my camera one more time...it WORKS again!!!!!!? What is going on? I guess it was just having a bad hair day!!! I hope it keeps on working until I can get a new one though...I have so much coming up that I need/want to share!!!!

(Some fun news...)

I had SOOOOO much fun doing a swap with Rambling Gal that I'm doing another swap with my mother and grandmother, a three-way swap! Now you must understand that these two ladies are so talented (they can run with the best of them!) and I'm so excited! I've been working away at my projects and will post what I send and what I receive (they both read this so I will have to wait to show my progress pictures:) Our theme is "If pumpkins were to grow on trees" I then learned that there are some that do grow on little trees, kinda oriental like and people use them over in Asia in stirfries, but whatever! I was picturing like a big giant Oak tree that produced big giant pumpkins :)

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