Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Swap

When I saw this over at Nest Sweet Nest, I knew I had to sign up! My first swap, how exciting, how fun, how...oh crap what should I do, I mean I don't even know this person, will she even like what I put together, what am I thinking, I can't even think of something to put together!

So these were my basic thoughts after I had signed up LOL! Then I received my partner's name and email, so I decided to ask her what she likes and dislikes, yada, yada...

So this is what I sent my first swap partner Beth!

I decorated this box (pink and glamorous were in the rules?) to hold some huckleberry muffins. Beth had never heard of huckleberries, so I thought I would send her something to try.

She had mentioned that she likes whimsical I got her this...

To go in this...

Here are some more goodies...I didn't get a picture of everything I had sent her because on the way to mail the box, I stopped at a store to get some tape...they were just putting out the Halloween stuff, so I had to get a few more things :)

Look what came today!!!! This is what I got from Beth :)

Thanks Beth for being my partner!!! I LOVE all of my goodies you sent!!!!


  1. So glad you got all your goodies! I thought you would like the BOO frame...these were so popular last year and not much effort in making this so I knew I could do this. lol

    Just like the cloche...last year I saw so many cheese trays and they had painted them so I thought I would let you do yours the way you wanted to.

    I also figured you were more talented than me and could probably enjoy the Martha Book...she really has some cool things in there.

    I still have to mail you one more small package and I will do that in a few weeks...I could not add the basket I got you in the box and I didn't want to send just a basket by itself so I opted to fill it up so more fun stuff will come before Halloween!

    Did you love my stamp collection on the

    Also I will post your goodies on my blog once I get them all around...this is usually how I share when I get something from a swap so my partner can see how I used them...only thing is it will be minus the huckleberry muffins cause they didn't last a day between me and Lexi...hehehe yummy they were.

    Oh now I see what the spool with ribbon was must have fallen off the box...I saw glue on the bottem of the spool but it was by itself...good now I can put it back on my box....

    Sorry I wrote a letter....Have a good weekend Erica!

  2. You sent some SUPER cute goodies! Very creative!