Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Scoop...

I soooooooo wish my camera would work!!! I'm planning on getting one of those disposable cameras just so I can capture what I'm doing before I send it off! I'm in the middle of a BIG. FAT. CRAFTING. STORM! My house has been transformed...or as my hubby would say "um, what happened?" That's when you know you are really doing good!!! The deadline for my 'daughter, mother, grandmother' swap is approaching like wild fire and I'm proud to say I'm almost finished!!! Yay...I'm breaking loose from the procrastination chain (for this project anyway - there is still Christmas! LOL!).

In other news (LOL), I'm hacking away at my to do list and I'm getting A LOT of half finished projects (from like years ago!) finished up! I tell ya, there is nothing more motivating than seeing what you all are up to, and what you get done!!!! I LOVE it!

1 comment:

  1. I'm ready for your camera to be fixed, too!! :)
    I cannot wait to see what you are up to and what goodies you give and get.