Friday, October 15, 2010

I finally found it!!!

Hey...look what I found at a thrift store a few days ago!

All together both pieces were a whopping $17 !!!!!! I can hardly stand it...I have been looking for a good chair that I can reupholster for years...LOL

The chair is in really good condition, except for the fabric, which I'm changing anyway. The ottoman's legs are a little loose but that will be an easy fix.

Here is what I am thinking fabric-wise...

I've ordered a yard to see what it looks like in person...if I like it I can use it for the ottoman!

Stay tuned...;-)


  1. Oooh....I can't wait to see what it looks like! Have you recovered before? Or will you make a slipcover? I'm getting excited! Lisa~

  2. No, I haven't recovered before...this is my first time ;-) I've been wanting to do something like this forever. I admire people that can reupholster and this is something that I always have wanted to learn!!

    P.S. UPS tracker says my fabric will be here Thursday!!!

  3. Love the colors in the fabric you ordered, it should look great. I am in Belgrade--was in Dillon on Saturday for the football game. You have some BIG boys. My son said they were polite and our team appreciated your moms making them dinner afterwards. Fun to have found you (or you found me). I am a follower now :)