Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabin Fever!

On a little island in Alaska lives a sleepy little town. And if you take the right gravel road in that little town it will lead you to one of the most warm and welcoming places in the world! One of my favorite spots is this little cabin that has been fixed's so cute I want to MARRY it!!!!

Come on in and enjoy yourself!

I'm sure you can tell, this one room cabin doesn't have any insulation in the walls, BUT it has this super cute wood stove to keep things warm and cozy ;o) And yes, that is a giant saw blade the stove is sitting on...

A cozy little corner for corresponding or enjoying a cup of tea with a friend...

The door that leads out to the covered porch...

Lots of cozy quilts and pillows, a GREAT place to read your favorite book or to take a nap...

A view of the covered porch that also has a view of the ocean!

Thanks for taking this tour with me, I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Indeed it is cozy! I could enjoy a place like this all to myself and then sit on the porch hearing the waves...oh how fun this would be.

  2. So cozy for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by & for following! I was looking at your about me, and it seems like we have a LOT in common! (country, wonderful guy, 2 girls, junk, thrift, paint, etc, etc)

    I have actually gotten a lot of people wanting me to bring back Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. Since it's spring, and everyone is focusing on getting in shape & losing weight (myself included) I might go ahead and bring it back soon!

    Have a great day!

    ♥ Amber