Sunday, February 21, 2010

Master Bedroom Redo!

Wow! It's been forever since I've posted. Oh well, life goes on.

I have an itch that needs some scratching...LOL! I'm ready to tackle another room in our home and I've decided to work on our bedroom. This room needs some lovin'! OK now get your mind out of the gutter this is a PG rated blog!

This room is such a disaster!

But here are the pros...

#1 The hardwood floors! We refinished them ourselves a few years ago.

#2 Hummmmmmmm can't think of anything else!

Here are the cons...

#1 I like the paint color BUT the previous paint 'technique' I did blue and white stripes with a plastic sack faux finish glaze over the top! Yeah, it was beautiful...gag! I like to think that I'm much more grown up and wiser! Anyway, because every other stripe was 2 coats thicker you can see lines on the walls! NOT GOOD!!!!!!! So to fix this problem I'm going to texture the walls and the ceiling like I did in my kitchen and living room.

#2 Things tend to 'gather' in this room. Part of the problem in here is there is not enough storage and too much stuff! My Hubby is a BIG hunter and for some reason all of the 'inseason' hunting gear and such must be in this room, not sure why? Oh yeah, the mountain lion rug - it needs to go someplace else - I'm so tired of it being in here!

#3 I liked my quilt, but it's too busy for our small room. I'm looking for something in the neutrals and then plan on having fun fabric for the pillows. Also the curtains need to be switched out...

#4 This light...need i say more? I love how there are 3 different light bulbs!

#5 As you can tell - this is a SMALL room with a SMALL closet! I want and need to utilize the space as best I can!

#6 The closet needs some kind of covering....

#7 The nightstands and the lamps need to be bigger! I think they are lost next to the bed.

#8 I'm still thinking about what to do for the furniture...the black dresser and the headboard are from my childhood and have been painted like a lot of times!!!! The other dresser is from my hubby's childhood and he forbids me to paint it - even though the outside is already a faux wood finish. Oh yeah, I don't mind the TV in here but I would like to hide it somehow...armoire maybe?

#9 We need to put trim around the windows, doors and floor...

I think that about covers it. This project will probably take a little longer than I would like due to the time I have to work on it but who knows...I will definitely share my progress along the way!

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