Friday, November 13, 2009

Back in the Game!!!!

WooooHooooo!!!!! So we got ourselves an early Christmas present! A new camera!!!! (The pics I took with the disposable haven't been developed yet....) Anyway, I have a TON of things I want to share and would in one post although I should probably spread them out a bit :)

So here's for starters....our first REAL winter snow! A whole 6 inches!!! Not as much as other areas, but still super fun for the kiddos :) Can you see the tracks?

One of my many current projects I'm working on...I found this desk at a thrift store an hour away from our wish it was closer!!!! It will be for Makaila for school. She's excited about all the drawers!

I'm painting it Swiss Coffee (a creamy white), the drawers are done, I just have to do the sides and the top. Speaking of the top - the guy who was helping me load it, dropped his side and the back corner chipped off! Ughhhh!!!! Oh well, no will notice when it's painted but me - I hate that, for a minute I thought about finding another one and getting rid of this one - just because of the chipped corner! I bought raspberry spray paint to do the knobs and the chair in. Also I'm going to recover the chair cushions in super cute fabric...can't wait :)

So for the Daughter, Mother, Grandmother fall swap...this is what I got from my mom!!!!

Super cute salt and pepper shakers...the funny thing is I almost bought these same ones to put in their packages!!! LOL!!!

She glued birch bark onto little :)

My mom is awesome in the woodworking department!!! You should see the table she almost has done (it's been a few years - OK well I've lost track) LOL! (Love ya mom!)

I LOVE this!!!!

Awesome pumpkin pillow!!!

Beautiful wreath!! Mom is a master wreath maker!!! Not kidding!!!

Thanks mom for all of the awesome goddies! I love them all :)

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  1. Sooo glad you're back!! Gosh, I wanna trade with Mom, awesome goodies!! Great find on the desk. I finally found a bookcase for my boys' room, just need to sand and paint over the hideous blue.
    Hope you have a great weekend!! We couldn't imagine having snow right now!!