Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday was a busy day!

Last weekend Jay finished all of the trim up in the kitchen, I got it all stained, it is now all done! Yahoo! Yesterday I started the process of texturing and painting. It's going slow but so worth it! I have the far wall completed and I love to just stand and stare LOL. I have half of the ceiling textured and my plan for today is to finish up in the kitchen and then tomorrow move on into the living room. We have company coming this weekend so that is a huge motivation LOL!! I love the colors we decided on (finally), the kitchen's color is called Misted Silver (a smokie blue) and the living room's color is called Home Range (a dusty taupe) I'm holding back on decorating until it's all textured and painted but I did put a few things up to look at...

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