Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Back!

WOW! Where has summer gone? Where have I been? Well, I've been right here...I just needed to take a break from blogging for awhile. As for summer, we only had like two weeks of real summer weather...the rest...I'm not sure what happened?

So, I'm back and ready to start sharing what has been going on in my little world. Even though we had a weird summer, I'm so ready for FALL! Actually, I have been ready for weeks, BUT for the sake of my family and friends I have held back the decorations...up until this last Monday! YAY! My favorite time of year ;-) When I finish the transformation later this week, I will let you in on some sneak peaks. As for now, here is some inspiration...

All images are by Country Living


  1. Welcome back!! Love all the inspiration!!

  2. Wheeeew......We're ready for fall, too. Finally, starting to be fall in Ok. Can't tell you how happy that makes us, we've finally dropped into the high 80's low 90's.

    Can't wait to see your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!